SUSARU was built in 2021, the founders are coming from former colleagues and friends, using the experience and understanding we have in Food, Textile, and Logistics, we believe we can do something for our customers. So the name is from Spanish ‘Su Salud(Your Health)’. Health mostly refers to or is related to the foods we are eating and the garments we are wearing. Hence, Susaru’s business is focusing on sourcing and shipping quality Food and Textiles to our customers.

The mission of Susaru:

We believe people need to eat food in a Fresh and Clean condition, which requires production and logistics to be well controlled. And people need to wear comfortable and clean garments, which also require production and logistics to be well controlled. Susaru may do something to improve the industry.

The vision of Susaru:

We embrace creative leadership, innovative teamwork, and a winning spirit to be the best for the benefit of our customers, our consumers, our employees, and our shareholders. To be the most successful and respected food and garment company.

Value of Susaru:

Be Honest; Pursue Perfection; Inspire Innovation; Succeed Together.